The Global Religious E-Learning Network

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What does the colors in the logo represent?

Each color in the logo represents each religion featured in The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) Web site. There are nine argyle diamonds, for each of the nine religions. The argyle pattern was selected as the logo because most religions history derives from Europe, and argyle has been associated with college fashion since the 1920s.

Buddhism is represented by a rainbow of Nirvana

Hinduism is represented by red, orange, yellow, and blue

Islam is represented by green

Christianity is represented by black, blue, green, purple, red, and white

Judaism is represented by blue

Shinto is represented by red

Jainism is represented by red, yellow, white, green, and black

Sikhism is represented by orange and navy blue

Why are college and university logos used throughout the Web site?

The logo of colleges and universities are integrated to easily identify the source. Utilizing college and university logos, enables Web viewers, to identify the accreditation each source is awarded by. This helps ease the concerns about source value.

Does using college and university logos violate intellectual property laws?

The laws encompassing use of brand logos on Web sites varies. However, due to the nature of this Web site, i.e. educational; The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) operates in compliance with Intellectual Property and Copyright laws enacted by the United States. Thus, this platform cannot charge Web visitors a fee for the data shared. Advertisements listed on the site near the footer of all pages, are affiliate marketing programs. Web visitors are not required to pay fees to utilize resources offered on The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) Web site.

How often are resources updated?

Resources are updated as they are submitted. Colleges and universities are invited to submit new sources as they are made available. Submission guidelines are listed in the footer of the Web site.

How are resources selected for posting on The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) site?

Resources are selected for posting based on the subject matter and the need of resources on the site. For instance, due to the continued need for e-Courses on each religion; there is a continued need for new courses to be made available. The list of Journals, Dissertations and Thesis, are endless. So these sources aren’t updated as often as other resources are, i.e. video lectures.

Who provides shipment of The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) products?

All products featured throughout The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) are developed, packaged, and shipped by our affiliate, All order processing is processed by Thus, The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) does not gain access to personal credit card information. All orders that require returns or exchanges, should be sent directly to There is a 30 day return or replacement policy established by Log on to to learn more.

What information security methodologies are deployed to prevent identity theft?

Web site visitors are not asked for any personal data. In fact, the integration of the social network platform does not ask for personal information, i.e. address, credit card data, or additional personal details. This helps prevent identity theft. Furthermore, security socket layer (SSL), is integrated throughout both sites, to encrypt all page data. Thus, there are additional layers of security utilized to protect users while surfing and visiting the site. For instance, the social network is a Cloud based server, and all data is stored in a secure Cloud environment. The servers utilized for the primary site, i.e. The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN) are also secured servers. There is a 24/7 team of IT technicians available to render support as necessary to The Global Religious E-Learning Network (THEGREN).

How long is the wait time for responses to questions and queries submitted by Web site visitors?

There is a 72 hour response timeline for all submitted questions and queries. Due to the lack of full-time personnel, there is nothing that can be done to expedite a response at this time. Please be patient; every step is being mastered to provide, you the best response services.